Whom to Sue for a New Orleans Truck Accident

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Colliding with a truck on the road in New Orleans can have traumatic consequences. Because trucks are so much larger than cars, they can cause a significant amount of damage to both you and your vehicle. Truck drivers get into accidents frequently because they have less control and less visibility behind the wheel. Trucks require a lot of maintenance and can also crash because of malfunctions under the hood.

If you’re injured in a New Orleans truck accident and you know you weren’t at fault, you should investigate your case and determine whom to sue. A New Orleans truck accident lawyer from Smiley Law Firm, LLC can help you gather evidence and prove negligence against the liable party in your wreck.

The Truck Driver

The truck driver may be at fault for your accident if they were drowsy while driving, speeding, driving under the influence, or improperly changing lanes. Truck drivers spend so much of their time on the road that they may be more inclined to drive negligently. Some truck drivers are independent contractors, which means they’re liable for any injuries they inflict to others while driving.

The Trucking Company 

If a truck driver causes your accident and a trucking company employed them, then you may have to sue the trucking company for liability. Most trucking companies have extensive insurance to protect their drivers when accidents occur. When you file a claim against a trucking company for your accident, you’ll work with its insurance company to recover a settlement.

The Truck Manufacturer

If your investigation shows that a truck malfunction caused your accident, then you can sue the truck manufacturer or the trucking repair company for your damages. You can use evidence such as the accident report and the mechanic’s findings after the accident to show how the truck was defective and how you suffered as a result.

A Government Entity

It’s possible that a roadway hazard caused your truck accident and injured both you and the truck driver. For example, a pothole in the road or failure to pave the roads could have caused your accident. If you can pinpoint the negligent government entity who caused your accident, you can sue it for your damages.

Contact a New Orleans Truck Accident Attorney

Discussing your case with an experienced New Orleans truck accident lawyer is key if you hope to maximize your truck accident claim. You should assess all the ways the accident has affected your life, including your financial and non-financial losses. 

Financial losses may include your medical expenses, lost wages, and property damages. Non-financial losses may include pain and suffering and emotional distress. With a lawyer by your side, you can focus on your recovery while they do most of the work. Although money may not heal your injuries completely, it can aid in your recovery and give you the closure you need to move forward.

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