Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of describes how the personal and identifiable information of a user is treated by us. collects the personal information of the user which is provided by the user during the process of registration, submission of Listing and the technical information regarding the IP address from where a user is accessing the website.

The information provided by the user in a Listing in the Law Directories, is exhibited and displayed in search results up to the extent that is allowed for the Type of Listing and the editorial guidelines of the website ,which are subject to change from time to time.This information in the Directories is accessible to all visitors who may search the directory on the website and the consent of user is implied on the submission of the Listing.Any user who does not wish to be listed may notify such intention at

We do not share the personal information of a user with any other organization or website by way of sale, rent or any other financial arrangement. We also do not monitor the user regarding the content or services being accessed by the user, for dissemination or disclosure of the same to any third party or organization.These informations can be shared with a third party by only in case of an order or decree to that effect passed by a court, tribunal, commission or any other judicial or administrative law enforcement authority or in case of violation of terms & conditions of the website by the user. also uses cookies, which are used to track the users and their recurrent visits to the website and the information collected during their visit to the website is further used to customize the content that may be visible to a particular user and to send customized information and offers as per users preferences. further uses the personal information of the users collected during their visit to the website to analyze the site usage and visitor statistics for improving the website services ,user experience and to formulate the marketing strategies of the website based on the data so collected.

This policy is subject to change from time to time and it is imperative that the user should view the policy on every visit to remain updated about it. Any further queries may be directed to