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Elder Abuse and Neglect in NJ – Seek Legal Assistance

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Court Reporting Firms Provide Key Services for Legal Proceedings

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The role of a court reporter can vary and in some instances a videographer is used instead of the traditional stenographic court reporter. The purpose for this role in the courtroom is to document the dialogue of the participants. Not only do they record what is said, but they also document any gestures and emotions. A San Francisco court reporter has a vital role in the judicial pro Read More..


NJ Guardianship Law – What If You Became Incapacitated?

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When most people are asked what a guardian is they are most likely to respond with some version of an individual who is assigned to care for a child or adolescent whose parents are dead or incapable of caring for the child. Child guardians are often the first example that comes to mind. However, there is more to guardianship than just this. New Jersey guardianship can refer to children, Read More..


Expanding Medicaid Coverage - How to Apply For Medicaid in NJ

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Whenever there is a change in anything, confusion and complications occur as a result. Changes in health care laws have made applying and qualifying for Medicaid more confusing than ever. While these changes may open more services to people with low income, people are wondering whether or not they qualify and how to get Medicaid coverage. The changes to federal health care are intended t Read More..