What is Uncontested Divorce? And Why Should You Care?

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Uncontested divorces are frequent forms of divorce, which includes both parties coming to a definitive agreement, which ensures justice for both parties. There are two types of uncontested divorce: Collaborative and Mediated divorce.

The first popular type is the collaborative form of divorce that a good divorce attorney can help out with so that the proceeding is done in the shortest amount of time and the best way possible. Uncontested divorces can be one of the least costly forms of divorce if the attorney involved is specialized in this field.


There is a process of educating both the parties about their problems and fair solutions. Usually, a neutral divorce coach or financial specialist is also part of the process. There is professional help for both the partners so they can learn about their options and how they can make an intelligent decision based on the healthy interests of their children and themselves.

There is no legal proceeding until the parties have reached an agreement and have notified one another through their attorneys. This can be easy and effective for both parties who can come up with an equitable agreement based on what they know about legal proceedings for custody and financial issues.


Although usually by the end of the process, an agreement is reached, in case the two parties are found unable to come to terms, other legal proceedings can follow, and the divorce will be taken to court. But most such cases do not require more court proceedings or trial, and usually, the parties come to terms, this saves both stress and time.


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