Some important facts about false background check

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If you are applying for a job, insurance or for an apartment there is a good case that they will run a background check on you. What happens when they run your information and gets a false background checkThe company could subsequently deny you employment, an apartment or insurance if the background check contains derogatory information. The good news is that if you were denied one of these because of a false background check, you may be able to sue that company.

The first step is you need to find the company who handled the background check. The employer, apartment agency or insurance company should give you a copy of this information. If they do not, then they are violating the law. The company who ran your background check would either be on the application you filled out or on the denial letter from that company. Once you figure out who the background check company is you need to order a copy of this report. It should be free or the company who ran your report should have given you a copy.

Once you have your background report you will need to find the source of the error and obtain proof that the error is inaccurate. The error could have come from your credit reports or from information from the courts. Once you have identified the error and where it came from you need to write a dispute letter to the background check company.

The dispute letter needs to highlight what is inaccurate on your report. You must include all written proof that shows the error. This step is very important. When you mail the letter off to the background check company they have 30 days to respond and to fix the error. Make sure you save copies of everything you send and receive. Your employer, apartment complex or insurance company must also give you time to correct the error before formally denying you.


If after 30 days the background check company does not fix the error on your report and the employer, apartment complex or insurance company is still denying you, then you have a case. This can all seem very complicated and frustrating but we at Cook Law have experience in suing credit bureaus and furnishers. Cook Law is familiar with the law that regulates background check companies and false background checks. Call us for a free consultation and to discuss your options.