Evidence to Gather after an Auto Accident

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Have you recently been injured in a car wreck in North Carolina? If you don’t believe that you were the person responsible for causing the crash, you might be wondering how you can prove the other driver was at fault. Winning an insurance claim, or an injury lawsuit, will require that you prove your case.

One step that is crucial to proving your case is evidence collection.

What Evidence Should You Collect Following a North Carolina Auto Crash?

There are many types of evidence that can be useful in your case, and every car accident is unique. Some evidence may not even be available to you, so you’ll have to make do with what you have. For instance, if there were no witnesses to your motor vehicle collision, you won’t be able to use statements as evidence.

Here are some pieces of evidence that can help you to prove your car accident injury case.

  • Police and/or crash reports

  • Photo evidence of the crash scene, your vehicle, and your injuries

  • Video evidence (from a video or phone recording, or from surveillance cameras in the area)

  • Witness statements

  • Medical evidence that proves your injures

  • Crash expert statements

  • Cell phone logs showing another driver was on the phone at the time of the crash

  • Evidence that the other driver was intoxicated

Reach Out to an Auto Wreck Attorney in North Carolina

There’s no doubt that the aftermath of a vehicle collision is a traumatic time for you. Gathering evidence is not the first thing on your mind, as you are likely worried about your health and whether your injuries will negatively affect your life. It’s a good idea to partner with a car crash attorney for help proving your case.

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