Dallas Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer: Still a way to avoid liquidation

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A quick look on bankruptcy:


Though getting bankrupt these days is not a big deal, for few it is still a matter of stress if they do not know how to and where to fetch the solution. When a person suffers a lot of mental agony because of getting insolvent, there are several legal options available that a specified bankruptcy lawyer can explain better. As we all know, when a person or organization takes a loan from a bank and could not repay the same debt to the bank or creditor, then the bank is liable to bankrupt the debt holder. This will state that the debt holder is defaulting the creditor. 


Dallas, a commercial and cultural hub in the state US can surely give us several such bankruptcy cases. Along with this, the bankruptcy legal system allows every debt holder to state their part of the story, which includes an explanation of their failure to repay the debt. Accordingly, there come several legal options to come out of this mess with various bankruptcy terms. Among six types of bankruptcies, chapter 7 is one that could be handled by an apt Dallas chapter 7 Bankruptcy lawyer in Dallas.


The specialty of Chapter 7 bankruptcy:


Each type of bankruptcy holds its specialty and explains the debt holder about its case in a much deeper way. Unlike other bankruptcy types, a Dallas in chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer explains that in Chapter 7, a person is not liable to plan a repay scheme, rather the trustee of the creditors liquidates the debt holder’s non-exempt assets to compensate or pay the creditor. Hence, in this chapter planning a repayment structure is not applicable, but the bankrupt person or the debt holder should hold some eligibility to file chapter 7.


Who can file chapter 7?


Whatever may be the type of bankruptcy, there are a few debts a person cannot deny and, in those cases, you are not supposed to file any kind of bankruptcy. Like, if the debt is of a government tax, credit card bill, medical bill, housing loan, education fees, etc., then you have to repay the debt at any cost.


When you talk to an experienced Dallas chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer, you will get clarity about the pre-conditions before filing a chapter 7. Here are a few eligibilities a person should have before filing chapter 7:

  • As maximum debtors ask for debt forgiveness through chapter 7, so s