Can I Sue if a Stray Dog Bites Me?

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Dogs are a major part of many families, but that doesn’t mean they’re always safe to be around. Many people are bitten every year by dogs, and many of those people must be hospitalized. For others, these attacks may be fatal. 

That’s why you may need to act now and seek compensation for your dog bite. But, what if the dog was a stray? In some cases, you may still have options for compensation. 

Stray Animals: Who’s Liable? 

When you’ve been bitten by a stray dog, you need to know whom that dog belonged to. Dogs can’t be held responsible for their actions, but their owners can. But if the dog is a stray, what can you do about it? 

The bad news is, strays may not be anyone’s responsibility. If Georgia agencies refused to act on complaints about a stray dog, your Savannah personal injury lawyer may have a case. In most cases, though, you can’t sue for a dog that didn’t belong to anyone. 

Not All Loose Dogs Are Strays

Just because the dog doesn’t have a collar doesn’t mean you’re out of options. That dog may have escaped its owner’s yard, or it may not have had a collar. If the owner can be contacted, you may have a chance to get compensation for your losses. 

Often, this depends on whether the dog was microchipped. Vets may be able to find and contact the owners, which gives you a chance to seek compensation once the dog has been reunited with its owner. Your lawyer can help you find the owners and get compensated for your dog bites, even if the dog didn’t have a collar or anyone with them. 

Compensation for Dog Attacks

Once you’ve determined whether you have a chance for compensation after a dog attack, you’ll need to know what your compensation is worth. Your compensation should cover all your injuries and life effects caused by the accident. 

Some of these may be financial. You may be paying high medical bills and other major expenses, as dog bites can be deep and cause a lot of damage.

What about the mental trauma of a dog bite? You may be due compensation to help you recover from the anxiety and trauma you’ve been through. 

Call a Lawyer about Your Dog Bite

Experiencing a dog attack can be traumatic and upsetting. Worse, you may be worried about getting compensated if the dog was alone. That dog may have been a stray, which could prevent you from getting compensated for your losses. 

The lawyers at The Nye Law Group understand how important it is to determine whether you’re eligible for compensation. Because of this, we’re ready to help you determine whether the dog that bit you was a stray. 

If you have questions about your injury claim, you can get started today with a free consultation about your claim. To begin, call 912-200-5230 or visit our website to learn more.