Can I Sue for Intentional Harm?

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Being harmed in an accident is already difficult enough. Someone injured you because they weren’t being careful, and that’s a painful situation. When someone hurts you on purpose, though, it can be even more stressful and upsetting. 

If you were intentionally harmed by another person, you may be concerned about getting compensated for the suffering you were put through. Fortunately, you have a chance to sue the at-fault person in many cases. 

However, these cases are a little different from other personal injury claims. Because of this, you may need an experienced, knowledgeable attorney to help you sue. 

Lawsuit vs. Criminal Trial

When you’re hurt by someone else on purpose, they may already be facing legal consequences for their actions. They may already be facing a criminal trial for their actions. 

A criminal trial won’t get you the compensation you need, though. The trial is strictly for punishing them if they’re found guilty of the crime. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t sue for compensation. Instead of seeking compensation during their criminal case, you and your Meridian personal injury lawyer can work to plan your personal injury lawsuit. You’ll have the chance to sue for compensation after the at-fault person has been sentenced or their case dismissed. 

Even if they’re found not guilty, you can still sue—criminal courts have a higher standard of evidence. It’s much harder to prove they committed a crime, so you may still have a good chance to prove in civil court that they hurt you. 

You Could Be Due Compensation

If someone hurt you because they weren’t being careful with your safety, you may be due compensation to help you overcome those resulting injuries and losses. These losses caused by their actions, or damages, should cover all your financial needs, as well as the non-economic damages you’ve suffered. 

For example, your hospital bills may be included in your compensation. Other costs, like lost wages if you’re unable to work or property damage, should also be totaled up for your compensation. 

Non-economic damages are more complicated. These losses are intangible, which means they don’t have a specific value. Pain and suffering, for example, should be compensated, but it doesn’t have a dollar value like your hospital bills. Because of this, you may need guidance on these losses and how to get compensated for them. 

Seek Out a Personal Injury Lawyer if Someone Hurt You

When someone harms you on purpose, it can be distinctly traumatizing in a way that an accident may not be. Someone else hurt you, and now, you may be nervous, less confident when you’re on your own, and worried about your safety. You have a chance to get compensation for that suffering. 

Instead of letting this fear and trauma hurt you any longer, seek out help from a personal injury lawyer at Craig Swapp & Associates. They can help you plan your lawsuit, starting with a free consultation. To get started, call 1-800-404-9000 or visit us online to learn more about our firm.